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flecha  The art of resilience International presentation of the 16th Animayo edition at the first virtual press conference with personalized avatars in the world 10-05-2021

Animayo, International Festival of Animation, Visual Effects and Video-games, the only one in Spain designated "Qualifying Festival" by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood for the Oscars® in the category of animation short films, for which it grants a direct pass to the preselection of these awards to the winner of the Grand Prize of the Animayo Jury, presented the program for its 16th edition at a press conference, the first in the world, entirely virtual with avatars in real time. This luxury edition will count with creators such as Bill Plympton or with the participation of speakers who work for production companies and studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, Warner, LucasFilm, Universal or Henson

Dressed in their respective avatars and in real time, in addition to Damián Perea, director and producer of Animayo, politicians representing institutions of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands (Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Government of the Canary Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council and La Caja de Canarias Foundation), numerous media and guests from among the 70 speakers of the edition, -regional, national and international professionals of the industry with outstanding careers, including nominees and winners of Oscar® or Goya awards, not to mention other prestigious industry-specific awards in its various categories.

After the welcome of Damián Perea, filmmaker Member of the European Film Academy (EFA) and Ambassador of the European Animation Émile Awards, Teodoro Claret Sosa, Councilor of the Government of the Presidency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, stated that it was "a pleasure" to be able to be at the presentation of an event "so important for the island of Gran Canaria and for its Cabildo", a festival with "an innovative character that has allowed it to adapt to current circumstances instead of wavering", adding that "Animayo is a consolidated event. For 16 years, Gran Canaria aspires to be a national and international benchmark. The ultimate goal of the Spain Digital 2025 plan of the Government of Spain gives a central role to this sector in digitization and in the generation of future employment“. Encarnación Galván, Councilor for the Culture Area of ​​the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council, for her part, pointed out: "Last year was spectacular. A year in which we all gave up on the possibility that this creative and educational meeting could be held, it turns out that it reinvents itself and does so with a greater scope of participation and speakers". In addition, Galván valued that Animayo has managed to position the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the international scene as a reference space, not only in technology, but also in digital creativity and audiovisual formats. In his turn to speak, Juan Márquez, Deputy Minister of Culture and Cultural Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands, made reference to how this "nice and unusual" press conference gave an account of the "creative and innovative capacity" of Animayo thanking the work that this festival is doing by placing the Canary Islands on "that map of the development of the animation industry", adding that "the Canary Islands was the first Autonomous Community to introduce tax incentives and also made a specific reference to animation. Later, in the mainland they made a regulation, I think inspired by ours, which forces us to work to maintain that advantage and not lose competitiveness.” And on his part, Fernando Fernández Morales, General Director of the Fundación la Caja de Canarias, was pleased that the CICCA is now for the last 10 years the official and main headquarters of Animayo (in its presential phase), stating that "we can finally welcome back into our home that bustling tide of young and old. To be able to return to the presence and physical contact that we have missed so much lately and to do so with all the sanitary guarantees so that it is possible” with an event that encourages the entrepreneurship of artists and promotes innovation within the audiovisual sector by promoting education and audiovisual training generating sustainable growth.

Then, the director and producer of the festival, Damián Perea, revealed the extensive, avant-garde and ambitious program of this 16th International Summit Animayo. Already in his welcome he pointed out that "last year we were the first festival of animation, visual effects and video games in the world carried out on a 100% virtual platform with avatars. This was the venue, that's why we wanted to make the presentation here (...). It was a super interesting edition and we achieved the milestone of 40,000 participants in the world. A lot compared to previous editions in which we had around 15,000 ". Within the deep crisis suffered in the first stages of the global pandemic of Covid-19, when practically all cultural programming was suspended due to the confinement decreed by the government, Animayo, which has always been characterized by being an avant-garde festival, responded with the most cutting-edge audiovisual culture as a resource, obtaining overwhelming success as was witnessed by specialized international media, like Variety or Golden Globes.

Unveiling the programming of the 16th edition, the most global and techno-humanist, Damián Perea, announced the main contents of an edition that, divided into three phases, will last until October with more actions. After the presential phase to be held in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, (Spain), from May 5th to May 8th, the virtual phase will start.
There is no doubt, the virtual is here to stay at Animayo and will once again position the island of Gran Canaria as a global benchmark for the audiovisual industry. In collaboration with Roomkey, the 100% virtual Animayo platform is a real-time experience with virtual reality that without the need for VR glasses turn us all into customizable avatars. With advanced 3D technology, 100% virtual spaces, real-time voice tools, quick connection to the system, and interaction and intercommunication capabilities between the avatars.
In mid-May, Animayo will deploy the bulk of its programming in the online phase, which will allow the participation and online viewing (live and delayed) through the Animayo website of up to 21 master classes, 6 workshops and film screenings of animation. Once again, Animayo makes the most of the many technology faculties to offer an outstanding, extensive and innovative program that, like a logbook, will make it easy for new talents to learn and be inspired by all of our 65 special speakers: directors, producers, animators, VFX supervisors or illustrators.
With 9 live virtual panels / debate (WIA_Spain. Women in the animation industry; Young Spanish talents in animation and VFX; Extended Realities leading digital change; Animation directors; Tips and tricks portfolio presentation; Oscar® nominees Ibero-American animation with Platino Industria and Egeda México; Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley; Spanish Talent II; Ibero-American Women in Industry); Networking area for professionals and meeting point area for subscribers.
Time Zone: (UTC/GMT +01:00) Europe/London

- Animation panel. MIA (WIA_Spain); Woman in Animation. 
May 13 4:00 p.m. Spanish. Sponsor: MIA - Asociación de Mujeres en la Industria de la Animación. MYRIAM BALLESTEROS, Director, Producer and President of WIA_Spain (Woman in Animation). Vitoria (Spain). Featured Projects: Show Runner, Story Editor, Lucky Fred, Sandra Detective De Cuentos, Lola & Virgina, Meme Y El Sr Bobo, La Superrabieta, La Leyenda De Un Hombre Malo, Mi Mejor Amiga Y Cenicienta Swing. PALOMA MORA, Producer and Vice President of WIA_Spain (Woman in Animation). Valencia (España). Feature projects: Sex Symbols, Critical Line, Selection Process, Critical Line-Pollution, The Diary of Bita and Cora, The Kabul Camel, La Ballena Y La Gambita, Bita and Cora. TANIA PALMA RODRÍGUEZ, Productora y Vicepresidente de MIA (Asoc. Mujeres de la Industria de la Animación). Valencia (España). Feature projects: Sex Symbols, Critical Line, Proceso De Selección, Trazo Crítico-contaminación, El Diario De Bita Y Cora, El Camello Kabul, La Ballena Y La Gambita, Bita Y Cora. MARTA DEL VALLE CANENCIA, 3D Animator, Treasurer of WIA_Spain (Woman in Animation). Madrid (Spain). Feature projects: Die Young, Runner Heroes, Wonder Park, Snow Queen. DUNE BLANCO, Visual and creative project development. Founder of WIA_Spain (Woman in Animation). (Spain). Feature projects: PINY Institute of New York, Bento. MARTA GIL SORIANO, 2D Artist, Animadora, Vocal junta de WIA_Spain (Woman in Animation). Valencia (Spain). Featured projects: Clito, Koati: Jack's children, Upstairs, On estaves tú?, Obsolescence, Pop up, Impromptu, Catacric Catacrac.
- Spanish Talent Panel I. Young Spanish talents in the animation and VFX industry. U-tad University of technology and digital art. May 13 5:30 p.m. Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. ALFONSO ESPESO, Cfx Lead artist. Animal Logic (Australia). Featured projects: The magician's elephant, Wonder Park, The lion king (remake). ALEX RIVAS, Digital VFX Compositor. El Ranchito (Madrid). Featured projects: Game of Thrones. MACARENA GIL, Storyboard Artist. Arcadia Motion Pictures (Madrid). Featured projects: Robot Dreams. PAULA BENEDICTO, Animator. Walt Disney Animation Studios (Los Angeles). Featured projects: Frozen II, Wonder Park, Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs, Woody Woodpecker, the film.

- VR Panel. The Extended Realities leading the digital change: fields, companies and research.
May 13, 19:00h. Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. LAURA RAYA, Director of Postgraduate Programs and Virtual Reality Projects. Madrid (Spain). Featured projects: The Human Brain Project, a flagship project of the European Commission. CicerOn VR: Speech Coach, Chair of Accessibility together with Indra and Fundación Universia. EDGAR MARTÍN BLAS, CEO & creative director. Madrid (España). Featured projects: Tuenti-Telefónica, campañas para Intel, Tradecorp, Listerine, Movistar, Inditex, El País, Iberdrola. DAVID PINTO FERNÁNDEZ, Researcher at the CSIC in Virtual Reality and exoskeletons for neurorehabilitation. Professor of Electronic Circuits and Parallel Computing at U-tad. Featured projects: He has participated in various research projects at European level such as H2R, BioMot and EUROBENCH. RAÚL BOLDÚ, Mixed Reality Skill Center Manager at ACCIONA. Featured projects: Digital twins in VR for water and waste treatment plants, Control centers in VR, Collaborative rooms for corporate meetings, Augmented Assistant that allows superimposing BIM models in industrial plants, First 360 Immersive transmission of a live concert using 5G and VR glasses (Cruïlla Festival 2019 in Barcelona), Scans in the national archaeological museum, Great Cairo museum and others. PEDRO SÁNCHEZ, Plain Conceptos, Partner Microsoft Mixed Reality. Featured projects: Modern WorkPlace, Artificial Intelligence, AR / VR.

- Panel of Female Animation Directors. Female directors who leave their mark on the history of animated cinema. May 14,  16:00h. English.  JEAN THOREN, Director, editor and journalist. Los Angeles (USA). Featured project: Animation Magazine. JOANNA QUINN, Filmmaker. Cardiff (Reino Unido). Features projects: Dreams and Desires: Family Ties, The Canterbury Tales, Whatever It Takes, Famous Fred, Britannia, Elles, Body Beautiful, Girls Night Out. SIGNE BAUMANE, Filmmaker, artist, animator. New York (USA). Featured projects: Rocks in my Pockets, My Love Affair with Marriage. MICHAELA PAVLATOVA, Animation Director. Praga (Czech Republic). Featured projects: Words, words, words, Repete, Carnival of animals, Tram, My Sunny Maad.

- Panel of Oscars® Nominees with Platino Industria. The path to the Oscars® of Ibero-American animation. May 14, 19:00h. Spanish. Sponsor: Platino Industria and Egeda México. PAUL VACA, Executive producer at Alterego and animation advisor at Platino Industria. SOFIA CARRILLO, Director. Featured projects: La Bruja del Fósforo Paseante, Cerulia, El Corazón del Sastre, La Casa Triste, Prita Noire, Fuera de Control. JUAN PABLO ZARAMELLA, Independent Animator. Featured projects: El desafío a la muerte, El guante, Luminaris, Onión. ELVI CANO, Executive Director of EGEDA in the US and the Talent Manager of The Platino Awards for Ibero-American Cinema. Featured projects: In 2018 was recognized as one of the 25 most powerful women by the magazine People en español. ERWIN GÓMEZ VIÑALES, President Fundación Chilemonos. Director of CHILEMONOS International Animation Festival. Chile. Featured projects: Rokunga, el último pájaro. 

- Entrepreneurs Panel. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs. May 15 4:00 p.m. English. Sponsor: Roomkey. DON STEIN, Chief Executive Officer. London. JACK SABA, Founder, Public Speaker, Advisor. San Francisco. ASRA NADEEM, Public Speaker, Advisor, Investor.

- Spanish Talent Panel II. Young Spanish talents in the video game industry. U-tad University of technology and digital art. May 15 5:30 p.m. Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. ÁLVARO ABAD, Gameplay Programmer. Splash Damage (London). Featured projects: Khara, Racal Revolt. PABLO LAFORA, Mission Designer. Black Forest Games (Offenburg, Alemania). Featured projects: Destroy All Humans! ROBERTO PADRÓN, Intermediate Level Designer. Ubisoft (Barcelona). Featured projects: Assassin's Creed Valhalla, SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, HOME, Khara. BEATRIZ ARÉVALO, Game Artist. Tequila Works (Madrid). Featured projects: Khara.

- Panel of Ibero-American women in the audiovisual industry. Women in Animation: creation and production of contemporary stories. May 15, 19:00h. Spanish. Sponsor: Platino Industria y Egeda México. ADRIANA CASTILLO, General coordinator and Manager of Institutional Relations. Platino Industria & Egeda. RITA BASULTO, DoP. Featured projects: Lluvia en los ojos, Eclosión, El octavo día, La creación, Zimbo, Desierto adentro, Jaulas, Mutatio, Los Aeronautas, Tío. CATALINA BERNAL, Director, producer and screenwriter. Bogotá (Colombia). Featured projects: Inti y el Ladrón de Leyendas, Eliodoro de Varonia. ROMINA SAVARY, President of APA and member of RAMPA. Argentina. Featured projects: RAMA (Red Argentina de Mujeres de la Animación). ÚRSULA GARCÍA, Director - Producer. The Frank Barton Company. Madrid (Spain)

Meeting area for subscribers and networking area for professionals.
Thanks to the 100% virtual Animayo platform, we will have a networking area for professionals and a meeting point area for festival subscribers. An exclusive virtual space with advanced 3D technology that does not require VR glasses and allows us to interact in real time with our customizable avatars.

ON LINE PHASE. From May 17.
There will be 21 master classes of various audiovisual categories (animation, illustration, storyboard, VFX, video games, virtual reality or 3D modeling, among others); 6 workshops on 2D character design, 3D character animation, 360 video, rotoscopy and art in video games; Special online screening of short films by Bill Plympton; Special Latin American cinema in collaboration with Platino Industria and Mexican Institute of Cinematography. Screening of short films made by Universidad La Salle - Singapore, commissioned by Raúl García, member of the Oscar® Academy; In Memoriam Tribute Ángel Izquierdo; Online exhibitions.

All available from May 20. Only for subscribers. Not recommended for children under 16 years of age. Time zone: London Time - WEST / GMT +00: 00.

Animation Master class. An exclusive look into an independent production. Making of "My Love Affair With Marriage"
English. Speaker - SIGNE BAUMANE. (USA). Animation Director. Featured projects: Rocks in my Pockets, My Love Affair with Marriage.

- Animation Master class. Bill Plympton's Imaginary
English. Sponsor: Plymptoons. Speaker - BILL PLYMPTON. (USA). Filmmaker. Featured projects: Your Face, One of Those Days, Plymptoons, How to Make Love to a Woman, Guard Dog.

- Animation Master class. Michaela Pavlátová. My life in animation.
English. Speaker - MICHAELA PAVLÁTOVÁ. (Czech Republic). Animation Director. Featured projects: Words, words, words, Repete, Carnival of animals, Tram, My Sunny Maad.

- Animation Master class. From Walt Disney to Pink Panther. A life journey with Bob Kurtz
English. Speaker - BOB KURTZ. (USA). Founder Kurtz & Friends. Animation Director. Featured projects: Jurassic Park, Minority Report, Carlin on Campus, Honey, I blew up the kid, George of the Jungle, Pink Panther.

- Animation Master class. My Time in the Star Wars trenches
English. Speaker - CRAIG MILLER. (USA). Screenwriter, Executive and Advertising Producer. Featured projects: Star Wars, The Dark Crystal, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Excalibur, Superman II, Altered States, Splash, John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Last Starfighter, The Black Cauldron, The Wicker Man, Real Genius. 

- Animation Master class. Animation — Future Indefinite?
English. Speaker - MAX HOWARD. (United Kingdom). Producer. Featured projects: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Iron Giant, Space Jam

- Master class of illustration. Creating creatures with Bobby Chiu
English. Sponsor: LightBox Expo. Speaker - BOBBY CHIU. (Canada). Artist, Co-Founder. Featured projects: Alice in Wonderland, Niko and the Sword of Light, personal projects.

- Storyboard master class. Storyboard for animation. My life and work from Mexico DC to Hollywood
English. Speaker - LILA MARTINEZ. (USA). Storyboard artist. Feature projects: American Dad, Simpsons, The Chicken Squad, Brijes 3D, On air, ducks.

- Animation master class. The Wonderfull world of Joanna Quinn
English. Speaker - JOANNA QUINN (United Kingdom). Filmmaker. Featured projects: Dreams and Desires: Family Ties, The Canterbury Tales, Whatever It Takes, Famous Fred, Britannia, Elles, Body Beautiful, Girls Night Out.

- Animation master class. Making of Ella Bella Dingo
English. Sponsor: ELAMEDIA. Speakers - FRANK MOSVOLD. (Norway). Producer, Filmmaker, Writer, Editor. Feature projects: Ella Bella Bingo, Bendik & Monsteret, The 7 Deadly Sins. JOHNNY SMITH (United Kingdom). Screenwriter. Feature projects: Ella Bella Bingo, The Invisible Boy, Dragon Rider, The Queen´s Corgi, Gnomeo & Juliet, The Happos Family, Dangermouse, Muddle Earth. ROB SPRACKLING. (United Kingdom). Screenwriter. Feature projects: Ella Bella Bingo, Rise of the Appliances, Green Monkey, Gnomeo & Juliet. ATLE BLAKSETH. (Norway). Character Designer, Animation filmmaker. Feature projects: Ella Bella Bingo, Dad, Bendik & The Monster, Inky, Fishing with Sam, Ploody the Police Car.

- VFX master class. Pascal Blais, 38 years in the industry of animation. Just the beginning!
English. Speaker - PASCAL BLAIS. (Canada). Head of animation. Featured projects: The Old Man and the Sea, The Old Lady and the Pigeons, King Kong vs Godzilla, 1917, Dr. Dolittle, Ghostbusters, Afterlife, Sonic, Cruella, 100% Wolf.

- Video game master class. The Art and Science of Video Games
Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. Speaker - FRANCISCO JAVIER SOLER “MAKI”. (Spain). Creative Director and Project Director in the Video games Area. Featured projects: Adventure Park, Pirates of the Seven Seas, Sports City, Gifted, In-Zero, COPS, Pyro Studios Technology Team, Commandos Strike Force, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, Commandos 2: Men of courage, Commandos: beyond the Call of Duty.

- Virtual Reality script master class. Narrative in VR
Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. Speaker - JORGE ESTEBAN BLEIN. (Spain). VR Creative art director. Feature project: Makina.

- Master class of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality: how to change the world from a profession
Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. Speaker - LAURA RAYA. (Spain). Director of Postgraduate Programs and Virtual Reality Projects. Featured projects: The Human Brain Project, a flagship project of the European Commission. CicerOn VR: Speech Coach, Chair of Accessibility together with Indra and Fundación Universia.

- Master class of Virtual Reality. XR project creation process. VR, Augmented reality, Mixed reality and 3D web
Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. Speaker - EDGAR MARTÍN BLAS. (Spain). CEO & creative director. Featured projects: Tuenti-Telefónica, campaigns for Intel, Tradecorp, Listerine, Movistar, Inditex, El País, Iberdrola.

- Animation master class. My career as an animator. Tips & Tricks
English. Sponsor: Skydance. Speaker - CÉCILE BROSSETTE. (France). Lead Character Animator. Featured projects: Sing 2, Pets 2, Despicable me 3 , Minions, Pets , Despicable me 2, The Lorax, Monster in Paris.

Animation master class. Set Dressing. The invisible actor
Spanish. Sponsor: Skydance. Speakers - ESTHER ENCABO. (Spain). Final Layout Supervisor.
Featured projects: Blue and Malone, Just the Beginning, Wonderpark, Amila's Secret, Blackie & Company, Onion & Pea. DALIA GUTIÉRREZ ARANDA. (Spain). Final Layout lead. Featured projects: Wonderpark, The Lion King and My Little Pony. JESÚS GARCÍA GUIJARRO. (Spain). Final Layout Artist. Featured projects: Mercury Corp. DAVID MARTIN GOMEZ. (Spain). Lead de Final Layout. Featured projects: The Lion King, Maleficent 2, The Witches and Sherlock Gnomes.

- Animation master class. Grease Pencil Resources
Spanish. Sponsor: Pepe School Land. Speaker - DANIEL MARTÍNEZ LARA. (Spain). Director. Pepe School Land. Featured projects: Alike, Hero, Planet 51, Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure.

- Animation master class. Direction and production of Blue & Malone: ​​the 10 points learned applicable to other short films
Spanish. Sponsor: Esdip. Speakers - ABRAHAM LÓPEZ. (Spain). Director de Animación. Premio Goya® 2021 a Mejor Cortometraje de Animación. ESDIP_ Escuela de Arte. Feature projects: Blue & Malone, Dragonkeeper, Deep de the Thinklab Media. MANUEL CARBAJO. (Spain). Director de producción. ESDIP_ Escuela de Arte. Featured projects: Blue & Malone, Just the Beginning. Fallin, I Wish…, Road to Prohibition, Posdata, Chase.

- Carolina Pérez Richard master class. Digital distribution
Spanish. Sponsor: AWE Media. Speaker - CAROLINA PÉREZ RICHARD. (Spain). Partner, CEO. AWE Media

- Animation master class. Can I really make animation movies?
Spanish. Sponsor: U-tad. Speaker - JOSÉ ANTONIO RODRÍGUEZ DÍAZ. (Spain). Academic Director of U-tad. (Madrid). Featured projects: Planet 51, Happily Never After, Futbolín, The Smurfs, The legend of Smurfy Hollow, Smallfoot.

- Animation master class. Graphic humor and animation in the Spanish state - Garabatos
Spanish. Sponsor: Esdip. Speaker - EMILIO DE LA ROSA. (Spain). Animated film historian, producer and director. ESDIP Art School. Feature projects: 300,000 Dollars, The Lord of the Endless Coat, Just the Beginning, Hara!, Origami, Hi I'm New!, Old Emil, Road to prohibition.

ONLINE WORKSHOPS. From May 17. Limited places.
3 Workshops sponsored by U-tad University of Technology and digital art.
U-tad, a high-performance center, based in Madrid, combines the international experience of its founders with a close-knit community of students and professionals, and an inexhaustible source of innovation. Its goal is to innovate in education and evolve in parallel with the demands arising from the growth of the digital economy through an educational model that is sustained by three fundamental pillars: cutting-edge technology, transversality of knowledge and learning by working through a curriculum that is materialized in the practical nature of the classes: real projects carried out and a teaching staff that is part of the industry. Its students carry out internships in real projects, work with the same technology as the most cutting-edge companies and coexist on campus with internationally successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

- 360 ° video for VR. Immersive recordings: cinematographic techniques in 360 / VR video.
Monday, May 17. 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (London time - West/GTM + 00:00). Spanish. Taught by Alejandro Báguena, professor at the ‘Expert in Development for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality’ at the U-tad University Center. CEO and Creative Director at Onirica VR.

- Character design: Learn to draw with your mind.
Wednesday May 19, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (London time - West/GTM + 00:00). Spanish. Taught by Isaac Jadraque, professor in the ‘Degree in Animation’ at the U-tad University Center. He combines teaching with his work as a character designer and visual development artist.

- Art for videogames: Construction and set up of a diorama in Unreal Engine "Game Enviroment Art".
Thursday May 20. 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (London time - West/GTM + 00:00). Spanish. Taught by Beatriz Arévalo, professor in the ‘Master in Art and Visual Design of Videogames’ at the U-tad University Center. She is currently a Game Artist at Tequila Works.

2 Workshops sponsored by ESDIP_ School of Art.
ESDIP is an international art school with centers in Madrid and Berlin. Students who attend ESDIP obtain the best training in artistic professions and demonstrate that they are prepared for the current market demand. Its objective is to provide the best means to training in areas such as animation cinema, graphic design, comics, traditional illustration, digital art, the creation of video games, where a large part of the Spanish professionals graduated. They have made dozens of short films that obtained worldwide recognition in the form of awards at festivals and dozens of exhibitions, inside and outside of Spain. The students who pass through ESPID, School of Art, are prepared and ready for what the market demands. A large number of professionals in Spain have been trained at ESDIP.

- Animation of 3D characters: "Blue & Malone: ​​giving life to Mortando".
Tuesday, May 18. 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (London time - West/GTM + 00:00). Spanish. We will tackle the technical challenges in 3D animation to create an imaginary character. Taught by Álvaro Rebollar, 3D animator at ESDIP_School of Animation.

- 2D character design: Character creation workshop. Design your imaginary friend.
Friday May 21. 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (London time - West/GTM + 00:00). Spanish. Taught by Nacho Subirats, 2D traditional illustrator and animator at ESDIP_Escuela de Animación.

"Fragments of an Animated Genius"
Exhibition on the work of Raúl García, 40 years behind a pencil. From The Flintstones to Extraordinary Tales to Roger Rabbit, The Lion King and the genius of Aladdin.
The 16th edition of Animayo Gran Canaria opens online «Fragments of an animated genius». We will investigate the deeper history of 2D Animation from the hand of the animator, director and producer Raúl García. An exhibition that on its way recovers many of the first classics of 2D animation, showing originals from the process of creating the character. From sketched first strokes, to creations worlds loaded with textures and finishes where the technique of 2D animation recovers all its protagonism. Drawings, many of them, protagonists of the television screens of millions of homes and that marked the childhood of several generations.
Raúl García, born in Madrid, was the first European animator to enter Disney Studios and is a member of the Oscar® Academy. He began his animation career in television series for the North American market such as The Flintstones or The Smurfs. He has been an animator in international feature films such as Asterix Versus Caesar, The Chipmunk Adventure and In Search of the Enchanted Valley. His work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit? opened the doors as an animator at the Walt Disney studios where he worked for 9 years. He was an animator for modern classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, and Pocahontas.

«Animayo Poster Expo»
Animayo presents a collection of the best works submitted to the Animayo Poster Contest that the festival runs annually, that the winner becomes the image of the following edition.
In this exhibition we will be able to appreciate the works of both winners and second prize throughout the festival's history in its 16 editions. In them, the authors take the world of creativity and imagination, of ideas and inspiration, to represent one or more of the three aspects of the festival: animation, visual effects or virtual reality.

Official Competition Selection: presential from May 5 to 8.
Animayo is the first and only Spanish animation festival designated "Qualifying Festival" by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood for the Oscar® Awards in the animated short film category for four years in a row. That is why the festival grants a direct pass to the preselection of these awards to the winner of the Animayo Jury Grand Prize.

For this edition, about 2300 short films have been received from more than 80 countries around the world, from June 2020 to April 2021. Of these, 60 have been selected and will compete for prizes in different categories of the 5 Official Selections to Contest, which will be Winners Animayo 2021.

Among the techniques that can be seen are rotoscopy, stop motion animation, embroidery, traditional 2D, 3D, glass painting and cgi. We will have short films by independent authors, but also from international animation schools such as ESMA, Supinfocom, Pole 3D, École des Nouvelles Images, ArtxFX, from France; National Film and Television School, UK; San Jose State University; RMIT University, Australia; Volda University College, Norway; The Animation Workshop, Denmark; ESDIP_School of Animation, U-tad University Center for Technology and Digital Art and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In the Official International Competition Selection we will premiere worldwide the short film Mila, directed by Cinzia Angelini and produced by a team of 350 volunteers from more than 35 countries, where inclusion and diversity reigned in this multidisciplinary and multiracial team. In the short film we will discover Mila, the girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during World War II. A story inspired by the director's mother and in which we will see the war from the perspective of a child. The drama of body dysmorphic and eating disorders make their appearance twice, with Reflejo, by Juan Carlos Mostaza, and Roberto, by Carmen Córdoba González. The social character will be starred, among others, by Stories from the Inside; Hospital Care for People in Prisons or La noche de los hombres and night harassment of women or The Parrot Lady and the fear of loneliness and death. During the children's programming, we will see Lea Salvaje and her rag animals; the problem of ecology with Trazo Crítico or respect for animals from Kiko & the Animals. In the section of video game cinematics, advertising and music videos, the public will vibrate with the music of Moby, they will enjoy the most relevant cinematics and advertising spots that will touch the sensitive chord of the viewer.

Limited capacity by health protocol. Not recommended for children under 16 years of age.
Oficial Selection to Contest I. Guiniguada Theater: Wednesday, May 5, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. CICCA: Wednesday, May 5, from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. NT—16, VOS.
Oficial Selection to Contest II. Guiniguada Theater: Thursday, May 6, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. CICCA: Thursday, May 6, from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.
Oficial Selection to Contest III. Guiniguada Theater: Friday, May 7, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. CICCA: Friday, May 7, from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. NT — 16, VOS.
Oficial Selection to Contest IV. Guiniguada Theater: Saturday, May 8, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. CICCA: Saturday, May 8, from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. NR—16, VOS.
Oficial Selection to Contest «My First Festival». Guiniguada Theater: Saturday May 8, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. All audiences, VOS.
Special online screening of Bill Plympton Short Films: Guard Dog Selection.
Nominated for an Oscar® for his animated short Your Face in 1988 and for Guard Dog in 2005, Bill has directed 8 animated feature films, all drawn by himself. He is currently working on the ninth feature film, a new western-style animated comedy, Slide.

A selection of five short films made by Bill Plympton, starring a hyperactive dog that has become one of the most popular series in the field of adult animation. With this series, Bill Plympton shows his enormous talent for creating memorable characters, such as this obsessed and hyperactive maniac dog, his knack for character animation and his ingenuity when it comes to thinking of funny situations. And, of course, we are delighted with funny and hardly predictable outcomes. The shorts will be screened: Cop Dog, Guard Dog, Guide Dog, Horn Dog, Hot Dog.

Latin American film special in collaboration with Platino Industria and the Mexican Institute of Cinematography.
A sample of Mexican short films, an initiative of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, with a selection of 30 Mexican productions by Mexican filmmakers that have achieved great quality and success in recent years. Distributed in 4 hours, one of them will be entirely dedicated to Mexican directors. In the exhibition, we will enjoy the works of authors such as Rita Basulto, Karla Castañeda, Sofía Carrillo, René Castillo and René Fernández belonging to the Taller del Chucho (International Animation Center of Mexico) created by the famous director Guillermo del Toro.

Screening of short films made by La Salle University-Singapore commissioned by Raúl García.
Selection of short films made by LASALLE College of the Arts students. An exhibition commissioned by Raúl García, visiting professor at the academic institution, to present to the international public the latest batch of LASALLE works that offers 30 diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fine arts, design communication, interior design, products, film, animation, fashion, dance, music, theater, arts management, arts pedagogy and practice, Asian art therapy, art stories, and creative writing. LASALLE provides an enriching and interdisciplinary learning environment to inspire the next generation of globally engaged and forward-thinking artists, designers, and creative industry leaders.
Tribute "In Memoriam" for Ángel Izquierdo organized by the animator Raúl García.
Ángel Izquierdo, a Spanish animation film veteran, director of three feature films and a member of the Film Academy, won a Goya in 2002 for his film Dragon Hill. He worked in Hanna-Barbera series starring The Flintstones and the Yogi Bear, as well as short films by Snoopy y Charlie Brown and in the Hispanic Mexican Katy, la oruga (1984).
Participating in this tribute: Raúl García, animator, director and producer. Kandor Moon, Kandor Graphics, Disney, Paramount. Antonio Zurera, animator, director and producer. Hanna-Barbera, Millimeters Cartoon S.A., M5 Audiovisual S.L. Matías Marcos, animator and director. Disney, Blue Pencil Animation, Animagic Studio. Laura Izquierdo, daughter of Ángel Izquierdo. Manolo Galiana, animation director. 20th Century Animation, DreamWorks Animation.

Animayo 2021 International Jury. Animation Short Films Category
President: Bob Kurtz, Founder Kurtz & Friends, (USA). Together with him, they make up this jury: Lila Martínez, Storyboard artist. Disney Television Animation, Wild Canary Animation, (USA). Serge Umé, Head of Compositing. Cartoon Saloon, The Place 2 be, (Belgium). Cécile Brossette, Lead Character Animator, Illumination Mac Guff, Ilion Animation Studios, Skydance Animation, (France). José Antonio Rodríguez, Academic Director of the Art, Visual Design and Animation Area, and Director of the High Performance Animation Center, U-tad, (Spain).
Animayo 2021 International Jury. Category of Best Short Film in Spanish Animation with Ñ
Lila Martínez, Storyboard artist. Disney Television Animation, Wild Canary Animation, (USA). Adriana Castillo, Institutional Relations Manager EGEDA, General Coordinator Platino Industria. (Mexico). Laura Raya, Doctor in Virtual Reality, Director of R&D Projects at U-tad High Performance Animation Center. (Spain). Jorge Estebán, VR Creative art director at U-tad High Performance Animation Center. (Spain). Esther Encabo, Final Layout Supervisor. Skydance, (Spain).

Finally, attending to the true heart of Animayo, which is training, Damián Perea announced the study scholarship program valued, also this year, at more than 500,000 euros for presential and online training, with access to the most important universities and schools, national and international, related to the sector and collaborators of Animayo corresponding to the academic year 2021 - 2022. The Animayo Talent Scholarships. Undoubtedly, a 16th edition in which Animayo, faithful to the competitiveness, excellence and quality that characterizes it, and exceeding itself in each edition, displays a program of enormous scope that will start in its presential phase on May 5 taking place at the CICCA space and the Guiniguada Theater in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There will be 6 master classes (animation, drawing, illustration, visual effects); 2 round tables (Young promises of Illustration, Design and Animation made in the Canary Islands and Videogame Production); 2 workshops (Script for Film and Videogames and Rendering Boot Camp Workshop); Screenings of 5 Official Selections to Contest, and Special Screening 'My First Festival'. And one more year, with the institutional sponsorship of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Sociedad de Promoción de la Ciudad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Fundación La Caja de Canarias, Gobierno de Canarias, Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural, Teatro Guiniguada, Filmoteca Canaria and all the collaborating institutions, organizations, universities, schools and private companies that make the 16th edition of the Festival possible. A festival that Gran Canaria saw being born in 2006. Gran Canaria, a miniature continent that gathers everything that tourists are looking for to spend their holidays. Kilometres of coastline to enjoy the best climate in the world, golden sand beaches, spectacular landscapes where nature is the protagonist, from the lush valleys of the summit to picturesque towns where the colonial mark of its founders still persists. All of this, together with the open, cosmopolitan and at the same time warm spirit of its people, makes it the favourite European destination of millions of travellers.

One of Gran Canaria’s greatest virtues is its extraordinary ability to look like a thousand places all at once. This variety has emerged over many years thanks to the fusion of a privileged natural environment, unique climatic conditions, and an extensive cultural and entertainment agenda capable of satisfying even the most demanding travellers. 43% of its land surface area is protected. The lush countryside all around Gran Canaria can be quietly contemplated from its network of viewpoints.

Gran Canaria has nearly 60 kilometres of beaches spread out around its 236 kilometres of coast. There are types to cater for all tastes, including picturesque settings such as the Mogán coastline and Agaete, or the stunning carpets of golden sands at Las Canteras and Amadores. At the south of the Island is Maspalomas, an ideal enclave to sit back and enjoy a warm sunset alongside a 19th century lighthouse. The dunes, a tiny patch of desert poking out into the sea, are a sublime setting for all those who associate their wellbeing with total relaxation.

Gran Canaria has used these advantageous circumstances to the full to become a fun water park. Surf, windsurf and kitesurf are just some of the sports that can be done here all year round. The richness of the sea beds are a real hotspot for diving and sports fishing enthusiasts. Back on dry land, golf and hiking play a key part on the island, where the average annual temperature touches on 24 degrees, providing the perfect excuse to go outdoors and get some healthy excercise.

To be in Gran Canaria is to be anywhere. A truly pleasant experience for the senses. An opportunity to appreciate, in its many forms, the beauty that surrounds us.

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