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Animayo Itinerante


Durante el mes de noviembre 2016 Animayo llevó a cabo las siguientes acciones en la ciudad de Los Ángeles.

- Animayo LA Conferences en The Los Angeles Film School: 17 de noviembre.
- Proyecciones Palmarés Animayo en Disney Studios: 4 de noviembre.
- Proyecciones Palmarés Animayo en Sony Pictures Animation: 11 de noviembre.
- Proyecciones Palmarés Animayo en Dreamworks Animation: 17 de noviembre.

The Los Angeles Film School. 10 DE NOVIEMBRE. Evento propio de Animayo.
Es una de las escuelas más importantes para la industria cinematográfica. Su oferta académica incluye licenciaturas y grados de todas las áreas dentro de la industria del entretenimiento, Los Angeles Film School también forma parte de Los Angeles Recording School, hogar del famoso edificio RCA donde Elvis Presley y Los Rolling Stones grabaron sus discos. Los Angeles Film School también ofrece cursos en línea en producción digital y la industria del entretenimiento.

Estudiantes: 2,464 (en 2014).
La convocatoria de Animayo L.A en los Ángeles FIlm School dio como resultado la presencia de personalidades muy destacadas. En total se llegaron a congregar un aproximado de 450 personas.

El pasado jueves 17 de noviembre se vivió el Animayo LA Conferences! Ponencias, master class, proyecciones abiertas al público en The Los Angeles Film School; con entrada gratuita hasta completar aforo. Un programa de actividades que comenzó a las 16.00 pm y que terminó a las 22.00 horas con snacks en el lobby y fiesta clausura Animayo!

flecha Programa Animayo La Conferences

16:00 to 16:30
Painting in real time with Bill Recino (Animator in Beauty and the beast, Mulan, Litle Mermaid, Aladdin), in live show.

16:30 to 17:30
“Bringing life to your animations with voiceover.” Voice performance is a key component that helps bring an animated project to life, literally the very soul of its characters:
René Veilleux. Casting director and voice director for Verite Voiceover "Elder Scrolls Online", "Monster High", "The Snow Queen", "Cloud Bread" and “Monsuno". Larry Huber. Veteran Animation Producer who’s credits include "Fish Police", "Danger Rangers", and "ChalkZone" and Executive Producer of "What A Cartoon" and "Random Cartoons". Barbara Goodson. Created the voice of "Mother Talzin" in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Kyla Mex & Clauda" in Star Trek Online, "Lady Vashj and Alexstrasza" in World of Warcraft, "Empress Rita Repulsa" en la Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s TV series. Rick Zie. Voice actor on numerous series including "The Tom and Jerry Show", "Get Blake" and "Olivia". Also successful voice and casting director on numerous projects including "Steamboy".
Audu Paden. Animation Producer and Director who’s credits include "Monster High", "Animaniacs", "Stuart Little 3", "Rugrats", and "The Simpsons". Jeremy Adams.
Screenwriter "Green Lantern the Animated Series", "Thun- derbirds are Go!" and "Justice League Action".

17:45 to 18:45
"Modeling in an Animation Pipeline" Abraham Meneu, Character Modeler in Dreamworks Animation. (How to train your Dragon 2, Trolls, Croods, planet 51).

19:00 to 20:00
"Building Speed in Zbrush" Damián Szeibert, Digital Sculptor Disney Consumer Products - The Disney Store.

20:00 to 21:00
Films screening "Winners of ANIMAYO 2016". Introduction by Bob Kurtz (Pink Panther, Jurassic Park, Minority Report ), Cinzia Angelini (Minions, Spider-Man 2, Spirit, The Prince of Egypt, Bolt), Luis San Juan Pallares (Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, Zootopia, Big Hero 6).

21:00 to 22:00
Snacks in the lobby.

22:00 to 00:30
After party at Sassafras.


“Bringing life to your animation with voiceover.” - Voice performance is a key component that helps brings an animated project to life, literally the very soul of its characters. But the art of voiceover can be easily overlooked in the animation production pipeline. How can you seamlessly integrate voiceover when preparing the whole, taking into consideration the artistic vision and the scale of your project?  What can be done during the casting process to make sure you choose the right actor/voice to match the character?  What should you look out for during the recording to ensure you get the best performances out of your voice actors?  This panel will take you behind the curtain of all things voiceover and give you an inside look at the process behind the mic.


René Veilleux is the CEO and Founder of  Verité Entertainment where he is spearheading production and development on a variety of projects in film, television, animation and new media. He has worked in all aspects of production for numerous companies including: DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Frederator Studios, FremantleMedia, MTV, Mattel Creations, Nickelodeon, Amazon Studios and PBS.
Rene is also a Voiceover Producer at Verité Voiceover and has worked as a Voice and Casting Director on numerous animation projects including: DC Nation, Justice League Adventures, Cloud Bread, Hot Wheels - Origin Of Awesome, The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker Sweet, Monsuno, Polly Pocket, Monster High and Stan Lee’s Cosmic Crusaders among others, as well as numerous video game titles such as: Payday 2, Falling Skies The Game, How To Train Your Dragon 2 The Video Game and The Elder Scrolls Online.


Audu Paden has been turning big pencils into little ones professionally for over thirty years.  He has produced and directed over 300 hours of television programming.  Including 20 CGI features.
His credits include:  Monster High, Animaniacs, Ever After High, Stuart Little 3, Spider-Man the animated series for Mtv, Max Steel, Extreme Ghostbusters, Project Geeker, Pinky and The Brain, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures,Taz-Mania , Rugrats, The Simpsons, and Tak The Power of Juju  for Nickelodeon, and "Hot Wheels, Battle Force Five" for Cartoon Network. 
He has received the Peabody Award, the Media Access Award, A Gemini and two Daytime Emmys..   Raised in West Africa and the United States, he encourages the rumor that he was raised by apes. He went on to study theater at Northwestern University and film at UCLA.


Barbara Goodson’s career covers many years and many genres. Among her hundreds of characters, the throat ripping voice of “Empress Rita Repulsa” on the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s TV series, past films and live shows is still her claim to fame. Barbara also created the voice of “Mother Talzin” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars in which she received a Best Actor Award. She recently voiced “Agnes” on Mr. Pickles, “Evil-Lyn” for the Masters of the Universe app and sung “Granny’s Yard” for Bitty Baby/American Doll. Other notables are “Kyla Mex & Clauda” in Star Trek Online, “Laharl” in Disgaea, “Naota” in FLCL, “Red Fraggle” in the animated Fraggle Rock, “Granny Chiyo” in Naruto, “Song’s Mother” in The Last Airbender, “The Shaman” in Legend of Korra, “Lady Vashj and Alexstrasza” in World of Warcraft, “Sera” & “Marie Crystal” in Robotech, “Darling” in Lady and the Tramp II, and “Cruella Deville”& “Cinderella’s Step Mother” in Disney-On-Ice.
Barbara also received an Earphones Award for narrating “Blair Clemens” for the book On A Night Like This and was so proud to be a part of the wonderful cast of the children’s series CloudBread, playing “Wooli” the sheep and “Ruiz” the fox, “the grannies” and numerous “kids voices” which was nominated for an Annie Award and an International Emmy Award for children’s programming. Recently, Barbara played “Mrs. Erickson” in a gray wig for Episode 2 of Harley Quinn & The Joker VS. The Real World. She has also voice matched Jacki Weaver in The Five-Year Engagement and can be seen in the horror movie The Chosen  as “Nana”, the “Wise Shaman” in the indie sci-fi film Home Sweet Home, in Good Satan as “Mother Teresa”, “Cybill” in Home Away From Home, “Aunt Eloise” (Doug Jone’s sister) in Cruel Will, and “Olga, the crazy landlady” in the web series LaLaLand.
Barbara is truly grateful to be able to continue to do what she fully loves to do!


Producer Director Casting Director Actor o (323) 651-1666 c (323) 363-2044 yellowbirdcasting@yahoo.com
Rick Zieff has been immersed in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. He has produced, directed, cast, written, and acted. Rick’s experience spans all media– film, television, radio, and the internet.
Rick has received critical acclaim for his voice direction of Otomo’s masterpiece “Steamboy”. The months he spent on that project brought him to London to direct Sir Patrick Stewart, to New York to direct Alfred Molina and Anna Paquin, and to Los Angeles to lead a veteran cast of voice actors in a movie (and companion videogame) that has been already been called a classic.
On the small screen, Rick currently voice-directs and stars in the new animated series "Get Blake", which launched on Nickelodeon in April 2016, and voices roles on “Clarence”, “Space Racers”, “Yo-Kai Watch”, and is thrilled to start season 3 as Spike the dog on "The Tom and Jerry Show" from Warner Brothers. Other projects include casting and directing a “motion comic” for Cie Studios and developing two animated pilots. Cartoon Network was the home of the “Gundam” series Rick directed (and starred in) for two seasons. Rick also wrote and produced TV promos for full seasons of WB shows, such as “One Tree Hill”, “Third Watch”, and “Gilmore Girls”.
Rick has become the go-to man for Alternate Reality Game (ARG) casting and voice-directing. Among his numerous credits are the online games for “The Dark Knight”, “The International”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Tron: Legacy”, and “Dig”. Rick also helped voice-cast the pioneering web series “The Soul Patrol”. In a world of branding and viral marketing, Rick Zieff’s clients, such as Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, G4, Activision, Sunrise, Bandai, Pioneer, Nitto, Jell-o, Hasbro, Microsoft, and Leap Frog, keep him busy with a variety of marketing and promotional projects.
Of particular note is his casting of “The ChubbChubbs!”, winner of an Oscar® for Best Animated Short Film.

flecha Ver creditos

JEREMY ADAMS Jeremy Adams is an emerging action/adventure screenwriter working on such shows as "Green Lantern the Animated Series," "Monsuno,"  "Thunderbirds are Go!," and "Justice League Action," along with an assortment of upcoming projects for Lego.
He has also spent time working in toy licensing, advertising, and serving as a Entertainment Specialist for McBeard Media, one of the preeminent social media marketing agencies in entertainment.
He also produced DVD's for Capital Entertainment such as "Count Duckula," "World War I in Color," and "Double Dare," starring Zoe Bell.
Adams graduated from the University of Arizona in 1999, with a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts. He has a first-degree black belt in Hapkido and blends his passion for martial arts with a love of storytelling, comic books, and adventure.
Jeremy lives in Santa Monica with his wife Amy and their daughters Charlotte and Mackenzie, who can most often be found making memories at Disneyland.


Has been a professional in the Animation industry for over 35 years. A graduate of Chouinard Art School, Larry holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts with a major in Cinemagraphics.
Beginning as a humble inbetweener on the Perils of Penelope Pitstop (1969) from Hanna-Barbera, Huber steadily moved up the production ladder to animator, director, layout supervisor, writer, producer and, finally, executive producer and creator. His work can be seen by audiences around the world in product commercials, industrial and educational films, television series and feature motion pictures.
After producing the Fish Police prime time mini-series for Hanna-Barbera, Huber teamed up with company president, Fred Seibert, as executive producer of the What A Cartoon! anthology series (1994). Broadcast on the Cartoon Network, this series of shorts spawned five series for the fledgling network, Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Following Fred Seibert to Nickelodeon, Huber helmed the Oh Yeah! Cartoons! anthology series which resulted in three series, The Fairly Oddparents, My Neighbor is a Teenage Robot and ChalkZone, created by Larry Huber and Bill Burnett.
After the completion of his ChalkZone commitment, Huber created Animotion Works, Inc. to produce Danger Rangers, a children's safety series for Educational Adventures. Huber also was executive producer on the Random Cartoon series of shorts for Nickelodeon which spun off two additional series, Adventure Time and Fanboy and Chum Chum. Animotion Works, in partnership with GIMC of Korea, created the short Dr. Dee and Bitboy as their contribution to the series. More recently, Larry Huber served as creative producer and consultant on the Korean television animation series, Cloud Bread and Pom Pom and Friends.Working as an individual or in association with Animotion Works, Larry Huber continues to be a creative influence on animation into the second millennium working with established studios and veteran talent as well embracing new companies and emerging artists.


Bill Recinos, is a multi discipline artist - Art Director - Creative Director - Producer - Animation Artist and Art Instructor.
Bill worked at Walt Disney Feature Animation, for eleven years. on animated feature films. Bill's film credits include: The Little Mermaid - Mickey in The Prince & The Pauper - Beauty & The Beats - Aladdin - Fantasia 2000 - Pocahontas - The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Hercules - Mulan - Tarzan - The Lost City of Atlantis. Bill also animated VFX on the live action film Ghost Busters for Columbia Pictures in 1980.Additionally Bill has founded and operated two privately held companies, Shadowmotion Productions 2000 to 2012 where he performed in the role of animation and creative director. Currently Bill holds the titles of President and CEO at Virtual Animators since 2012.


Is a Spanish Character modeler and Character animator who has been working on animation for several years. In 2005, he worked for Blur Studios, one of the most important advertising companies, working on the commercials for Dannon “Danimals”. In 2006, he started working at Ilion Animation Studios as Senior Character Modeler and Animator, where he had the opportunity to work in one of the most important European animated feature films “Planet 51”. In 2010, he traveled to USA where he started working at DreamWorks Animation, working for films suchs as The Croods, How to train your dragon 2, BOO: Bureau of Otherwordly Operations, Puss in Boots 2, Trolls, Boss Baby and How to train your Dragon 3.


Damian Szeiber has been working in the entertainment industry for over 17 years. His clients have included (but not limited to) NBC, Sony Pictures, Fox and Warner Brothers. Recently, he has resigned from his long held position as Course Director at the Los Angeles Film School to dedicate more fully in the role of 3D Digital Designer at Disney Consumer Products Interactive, working as 3D Digital Designer for the company. He is an 3D expert who has been working also as a teacher at Pixologic, giving spezializing courses on ZBrush.


Directora, storyboard artist y animadora
Con una dilatada carrera de más de 20 años trabajando como animadora y story artist en películas de animación, Cinzia Angelini ha colaborado con numerosos estudios en Hollywood. Colaboró con Illumination Entertainment en la aclamada película ‘Los Minions’. Los asistentes a la presentación de Angelini podrán sumergirse en el proceso de darle vida a un guión, mostrando storyboards tanto de ‘Los Minions’ como test de secuencias de la película de Dreamsworks ‘King Fu Panda’. Además, mostrará sus reels de animación de películas en las que ha trabajado, entre las que se incluyen ‘Spirit’ (Dreamworks), ¡Spider-Man 2’, ‘Colegas en el Bosque’ (para Sony Imageworks, ‘Bolt’ (Walt Disney Animation) por nombrar algunas.


Character Technical Director. Walt Disney Animation Studios
Luis San Juan Pallares, que actualmente trabaja como Character Technical Director en Walt Disney Animation Studios, comenzó su carrera profesional en Londres, donde fue Supervisor de Character TD en Nexus Productions, una de las productoras más premiadas de Europa. El corto This Way Up, dirigido por Smith and Foulkes, fue nominado a los Oscars en 2009, mientras que Honda grr resultó el anuncio más premiado de la última década. Posteriormente fue Supervisor de Character TDs en The Mill, la empresa de postproducción más importante del mundo y la primera empresa europea en recibir un Oscar por los efectos especiales de Gladiator. Los anuncios en los que trabajó durante su etapa en Londres recibieron los premios de publicidad más relevantes: Lion of Cannes, BTAA Craft Award, Clio Award, D & AD, Yellow Pencil, Epica y EuroBest, entre otros. En la actualidad trabaja en Walt Disney Animation Studios en la próxima película Vaiana. Trabajó en Big Hero 6, donde realizó el sistema de control del villano principal Yokai. También participó en los éxitos Zootrópolis, Frozen, Rompe Ralph y el corto Get a Horse! Las películas en las que colaboró -Frozen y Big Hero 6- obtuvieron el Oscar a la mejor película de animación, mientras que Rompe Ralph y Get a Horse! fueron nominados a los Oscars. Frozen es la película más taquillera de la historia de la animación y también ha sido premiada con Bafta, Annie Awards y Golden Globe


Bob Kurtz, es un director de animación, escritor, diseñador y fundador de Kurtz & Friends que ha ganado un Premio Emmy y un Peabody. Ha creado, animado y producido los títulos de crédito para grandes estudios, entre los que se incluyen Walt Disney Company, Universal, MGM, Sony Entertainment, el grupo Columbia Tri-Star, Warner Bros y la CBS.

Algunos de sus trabajos son mas famosos fue como fue guionista y storyboard artist en la mítica “La Pantera Rosa”, hizo los créditos iniciales de “Luna de miel para tres”, “Una casa patas arriba”, “Four Rooms”, “Cariño, he agrandado al niño”, “George de la Jungla”, “Cowboys de Ciudad I y II”. Además, Kurtz & Friends se encargó de crear secuencias animadas para “Parque Jurásico”, “Minority Report”, “Carlin on Campus” y “Roman City”, serie en prime-time con la que ganó un Emmy. Fue galardonado con el Premio Peabody por “Edith Ann’s Just Say Noel”. Ha trabajado en cientos de anuncios de televisión con los que ha conseguido más de 250 premios internacionales.

Bob Kurtz ha sido beneficiario de una Beca AFI así como de una Beca Apoyo a las Humanidades. Ha sido Presidente de la Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas así como Presidente de la Academia de la Televisión. Sus películas forman parte de la colección permanente del MoMA, Nueva York, y del Museo de Arte de Los Ángeles así como del Archivo ASIFA, en Alemania. Bob ha sido, además, galardonado con el Premio Annie, otorgado por ASIFA y que premia su trayectoria profesional. También ha recibido el premio Adweek al Mejor Animador del Año y homenajeado como Artista del Año en Japón.